8 comments on “Heavy Boots.

  1. I think Mark has a point, though, don’t you? With some people, it really is a case of simply forgetting — but with others… either too damn stupid or lazy to absorb the information! 🙂

    (I just know someone’s now going to accuse me of being “stupidist” or “lazyist”! LOL)

  2. That story is both hilarious and terrifying.

    Fortunately, I’m from the US and am used to people being this stupid on a regular basis…


  3. LOL… try reading some of the comments to my end of the world post! It’s getting thousands of hits a day, now, and the amount of misinformation and outright hysteria is actually getting quite exhausting! I seem to have spent most of the past couple of days saying, “Now, calm down, we aren’t going to die.” 😀

    I missed my vocation. I should have been in end of the world counsellor!

  4. I think a lot of it can be put down to an unwillingness to make the necessary effort to understand, Billigflüge. Most science — however complex and specialised — can be understood on some level by the vast majority of people if they are only prepared to put a little work into it. Some will cry that they simply don’t have the time, of course, which is perfectly true and understandable. I really have no objection to that, until, at least, they try to use their ignorance in an assault on the very things I understand! I think that’s why I found the end of the world post so frustrating; the arrogance of those who insist on telling me that something is bad when they haven’t done the necessary work to be able to back that up truly annoys me.

    I could, certainly, open comments again on that particular post but I really don’t see any point. There are other related posts, such as this one, that are still open if people are really determined to comment.

    Thanks for showing an interest. I’m really glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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