4 comments on “An Introduction.

  1. I’m certainly proud of him! He’s doing a great job and he’s a great kid! I’m really proud of how he handled the situation with the bullies.

  2. Thanks Gary, I am glad you like my blog. And I am honored that YOU are promoting ME on your blog. I sort of feel like a famous person like Arnold Schwartzenneger, just said I was his best friend.

  3. Lottie: yes, you certainly should be proud. Walking away is so often the best thing you can do — it’s also by far the most difficult!

    John: you’re very welcome, mate. I genuinely like what you’re doing — it’s always good to see a slightly different perspective on this world we live in, and your blog helps me do that.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, eh? 😀 I think that’s probably the first and last time I’ll ever be compared to him! But thank you and remember… I’ll be back 😉

    Mike: Nah, it’s nothing. Like I said to John, I really do enjoy reading his stuff. Just goes to show that the apple, as they say, never falls too far from the tree 😉

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