10 comments on “Through the Stormy Shades — Outline Sample.

  1. Looks GREAT Hun, Looking forward to reading it, mind CotR hard act to follow , but know you can do it !!

  2. I hope so, Aly! I think this one has the potential to be a bit more surreal and weird, though — like The Realm of the Hungry Ghosts — so I think I’m looking forward to it… I really need to know what’s happening with Children of the Resolution before I commit to it 100%. A bit silly writing the second book in a series of books if it turns out that no one is interested in the first! 🙂

  3. well if it turns out to be like either CotR or Hungry Ghosts it will be fantastic, both were those types of read where I didn’t want to put the book down until the final page !!
    By the way can you change that little purple box with a face for me, It makes me look like a grumpy cow , Which of course I am not !!!!! lol xx

  4. Thanks, Aly! I just posted a new update on my progress (what there is of it LOL)

    There you go — the emoticon is all changed for you! You no longer look like a grumpy cow… now you look like a rather surprised alien. Not perfect, but a definite improvement LOL.

    Maybe now would be a good time for me to shut up — yes? 😀

    (BTW: I will be emailing you very soon, I promise.)

  5. mmmm yea maybe it would be , its a good job I like you or I could be really offended !! looking forward to email x

  6. LOL… when I wrote that I thought, “I am so dead!” Couldn’t resist, though.

    I’ve now changed you into a pretty pattern — which is far more appropriate 😉 xxx

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