6 comments on “Living a Bad Life.

  1. Excellent points, Gary! You covered it all so well.

    Just wanted to mention that I know for a fact that some people consider me a bad person. The reasons they would give are some of the very things that I think make me a good person. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

    Hmmm… I feel a new “ramble” coming on. 😀

  2. No one should consider and/ or address me a bad person for a reason: I am not credible enough to be called a human — I am a homo pithecus palaeojavanicus for god’s sake! 😐

  3. Hurt none and cheer everyone, eh?

    Incidentally, Gary, I’d like to say that any moral [whatever you name it] judgement towards a person is nothing but subjective issue(s); meaning, others may see it also differently based on their emotional point of view instead of rational one. It is a bad taste indeed to put such phrase in a form of quotation, therefore — a quotation is supposed to be publicly quoted, right?

  4. Yes indeed, Baba — that’s an interesting point. The fact that it is so subjective ultimately means that it is objectively meaningless. I think that was, in part at least, what I was trying to get at. You summed it up nicely. Cheers, mate.

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