10 comments on “Looking Back…

  1. We are new to wordpress… still trying to find readers and writers to join our fun little place. We are the Paselo Writers Cafe (Paselo is Shawnee for Peace!). Many of us have been writing together for decades under a different group name, but we changed it this year.

    Most of our writing is poetry, but we do write prose as well. Our only goal is to enjoy writing whatever comes to mind. We have 7permanent members at the moment, but we hope that will grow.

    Anyway, come on out and give us a shout!
    If you like the sampling of poems we put up last night, let us know! If you want to look at individuals, just play with our friends blogs!

    Thank you for this unashamed plug!

    Paselo Writers Cafe
    (JQ in this a.m.)

  2. Paselo Writers Cafe: you’re welcome! You didn’t actually include an active link in your group name so I’ve taken care of it for you.

    Keep dropping by.

    Baba: Cheers, mate! I shall try 😉

  3. Send me some of your hits, you greedy Northern coal monkey. :p

    Congrats on your success. I shall go off now and be as green as a poisonous potato.

  4. Yesterday was a bit of a slow day… only 172. 🙂 Today is already off to a good start at 65. And I haven’t even posted anything, yet.

    Oh my, what a lovely shade of green 😉

    Stick with me, mate. You never know, it might rub off.

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  6. Oh Christ, you’re not starting that again, are you? Everywhere I look, I’ve got people basking. I look to my left, people basking. I look to my right, more people basking. I go to the fridge… basking. Frozen food, basking — it just gets a little tedious, you know?

    If it makes you feel any better, I’ve had a few slow days of around about 180. A bit of a drop from the 370s I was having earlier in the week. What I really need is for Boris to do something outrageous or controversial! His Wikipedia link only pulled in about 15 yesterday, compared with 113 at its peak.

    The Darwin/Dawkins series pulled me in quite a few, too — but at the moment my latest end of the world post is the most popular. Doing very well, actually. Must be all those poor fuckers thinking we are all going to die!

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