4 comments on “Biting the Bullet.

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  2. Thanks for that bit of advice, Gary! It’s something I needed to hear.

    When do you expect to find out about Children of the Resolution?

  3. The advice was as much to myself as anyone else, Lottie 😉

    To be honest, it’s difficult to know when I’ll find out about Children. A month is fairly common, but it can be anywhere between a few weeks and three or four months — depending on who you’re dealing with. I’ll probably give it another couple of weeks and then drop a polite line to her assistant. They are both very friendly and approachable, but I don’t want to rush them unnecessarily. That can often work against you — though I very much doubt it would in this particular case. It doesn’t do to take chances, though 😉

  4. Well, I’d say to be sure and let us know, but it’s not like you’d hold out on something like that anyway. LOL

    I’ll be waiting… 😉

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