8 comments on “BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Bigfoot is gorilla suit hoax

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  2. Ha ha… That’s just hilarious. I mean… It would be lovely if it turned out that Big Foot, or the Yeti turned out to be real, and any silly season news story about it is bound to stir up a little bit of childlike wonder, but who are the f***ing morons who actually paid for it? I can only imagine they are also the proud owners of some rainbow paint and a bag full of magic beans.

  3. David Gerard: maybe Bigfoot was wearing the gorilla suit! You know, like he was just on the way to a fancy dress party and… maybe not…

    Selena: I can see the headlines now when Skipper sees this. Bigfoot Divorces! 🙂

    Media buff: it’s what the cool kids used to call him when he was at school. He doesn’t seem to like it much so I’m sorta thinking it might have been a bit on the derogatory side. Apparently they had a song — Smelly Sasquatch Squats.

    David: *quickly hides his rainbow paint and magic beans*

  4. Nice page. I share your interest in Bigfoot, and I’ve been watching the recent events with a keen eye as well. You should probably check out my story about my personal Bigfoot hunting expedition which started in the backwoods of Arkansas and is now headed to Australia for the “Yowie.” I just posted part one of this story, and the second half will be up tonight.
    Catch ya’ later,

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