7 comments on “Rainbows and Outlines.

  1. I’ll definitely be using that quote. I actually got a little choked up reading it.

    Sounds like you’ve got another good one in the works! 😀

  2. Have you read Unweaving the Rainbow, Lottie? I’m sure Mike will tell you the same, it’s a must read.

    “Another good one in the works”… possibly. Hard to tell, yet, really. If everything works out the way I want, it certainly should be, but it’s still very early days. I want to get on with the writing but I know it requires careful and meticulous planning if it’s to work. To be honest, I’m finding this part of the process more tiring than the actual writing proper LOL.

  3. I haven’t read it, but I think I will now. And Mike did tell me that as well!

    I don’t know if you read my interview with TPS. I mentioned that I’m secretly (until now) working on a novel as well. I don’t have an outline, except what’s in my head. It’s been forming for years, though. Do you think I should keep writing, or stop and make a written outline? I have only a very little actually written at this point, if that makes a difference.

  4. You know, I haven’t yet got round to reading your TPS interview, Lottie. Sorry about that. I’ll fix it right away!

    Regarding the not-so-secret novel, I think you should do whatever you feel most comfortable doing. For many years I didn’t outline at all — just made it up as I went along, with only the vaguest idea of what I wanted the novel to achieve. (The Realm of the Hungry Ghosts, for example, was outlined only one chapter ahead.) It worked for me at the time but now I just don’t feel comfortable working that way.

    The hardest part of writing — or one of them, at least — is finding your way of working. Other writers can tell you how they work, but ultimately it’s what you feel comfortable with.

    How well do you know your story? Is it pretty much fully formed in your head already? You see, that’s why I tend to outline these days, I think — with this novel in particular. For me it’s a process of discovery. I want to know the story before I start writing it and this is the only way I can really achieve that.

  5. I know the story very well, and it’s definitely fully formed in my head. Maybe I’ll just keep after it and see what happens.

    Thanks for the advice. 🙂

  6. If you know the story very well, Lottie, I wouldn’t concern yourself too much with outlining excessively… you probably don’t need to outline at all. Stick with what makes you feel most comfortable — a piece of advice I’m taking myself (I’ll probably be posting about this soon! LOL)

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