8 comments on “Burning Love.

  1. Burning Love is one of my favorite Elvis songs. But there are so many…

    Tomorrow’s the day, isn’t it? And I’m pretty sure yesterday was the anniversary of his mother’s death. Weird how that happened…

  2. Yeah, it’s tomorrow but I think Gladys Presley died on the 14th. I can’t be 100% certain but I think that was just one of the many Elvis-related myths. They were also meant to be the same age when they died (42) but I think Gladys was about 46.

    How right you are, though — there are so many Elvis songs that I simply love. Memories is another that I never tire of.

  3. That’s right. I remember it being said that they were both 42 when they died. Not so, huh?

    Did I ever tell you that I’ve been to Graceland? We went about a year after Elvis died. There were two grave markers there — one his, one hers. But it seems like someone said they weren’t really buried there.

    It was a really nice property. Wonder what it’s like now? Does anyone live there that you know of?

  4. No, I’m fairly certain that Gladys was somewhere around 46. Still no age, though — says he, with 42 just around the corner!

    I didn’t know you’d been to Graceland, no… at that time, I don’t think Elvis was buried there. He was originally buried at Memphis’s Forest Hill cemetery, in a mausoleum, but three guys tried to steal the body and as a result Vernon had it moved back to Graceland… I’ve just doublechecked, and Elvis’s body was reburied at Graceland on October 2, 1977, so his body would have been there when you visited.

    I think there was at least one family member — a great aunt, or grandparent — living there until fairly recently (the past ten years or so), but now I believe it’s just a money making machine for Bob Sillerman et al. It’s all pretty tacky, in my opinion

  5. You know I’m only about two months behind you? I turn 42 in November.

    Yeah, my dad was a big Elvis fan, and living within driving distance (although it took an entire day and night) it was inevitable that we’d go there at least once. I thought it was cool even though I didn’t fully understand, at the time, how significant a figure Elvis really was. But I loved playing my dads albums!

    So he was there after all! Thanks for checking that out!

    I agree, it’s tacky. I’d like to go back sometime, though, just to see what it’s like now.

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