4 comments on “Bigfoot or Huge Hoax?

  1. LOL — you and me both 😉

    I know some of our American cousins are big eaters, but a Bigfoot in the freezer? Couldn’t they have made do with a few pork chops?

  2. Gary, I think the press conference will be the best piece of TV drama since “who shot JR”. Not because I think they will actually provide any credible evidence, but because of the theatrics they will need to pull off to get through the questions. And, of course, it could all just be a viral marketing campaign. We’ll see. – Nonrhotic

  3. I think you are completely correct, Nonrhotic. A theatrical event if ever there was one.

    I’m wondering if I could perhaps “discover” a Bigfoot in the north-east of England, where I live… conveniently around about the time when my novel is being published! 😉

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