10 comments on “Save the Planet — Eat Skippy!

  1. Guten Tag, Herr Gary

    This is very vorrying for the Sheep and Kine – they make their living mainly from those who want to eat them, since this wRetched NuLabour Government has declined to give them Child Benefits and Old-People’s Winter Heating Allowances

    Und it is very vorrying for the Skippies around here

    It is said that the Roaches near here has a Wallaby Colony, but they seem to have migrated in apprehension of being brought into the British Tax-Net and the English Food-Chain

    – Und vot about all the [methane-producing (editor’s substitution)] humans who are currently over-running this Planet

    and VOTE QUIMBY for vice-president

    Yr obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

  2. G Eagle Esq, my dear chap,

    Yes, I’ve heard about the Wallabies out near the Roaches way. Have you considered that maybe they didn’t migrate in fear but were actually hunted to extinction? In my experience, we Brits are rather quicker off the mark than our Australian cousins. We probably came up with the idea many moons ago and stealthily put it into practice.

    What are the burger bars like round that way?

    Oh, and, incidentally — are you suggesting that in order to cut down on methane emissions we turn cannibalistic?

    Your overbearing, whip-wielding master,


  3. Selena: yes, I already knew that… and what not 😀

    Baba: I’m not sure I like the way you lick your lips when you look at me… 😉

    Angie: LOL. That had never occurred to me! What do kangaroo farts smell like, anyway? Is that why they bounce? To escape the whiff, perhaps?

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