13 comments on “Episode One of “The Genius of Charles Darwin.”

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  2. “Evolution is fact. Genetic code is proof.”

    It’s about time you figured it out…it is now irrefutable…you came from monkeys. Congratulations.
    Since I am less hairy than you are, that makes me more evolved and superior. I can accept that. Keep up the diligent work, Bonzo!

  3. I must admit I have a soft spot for old Tim. He provides ample opportunity for me to flex my wit-muscle, and there’s nothing I like more than the chance to show off. That’s what being evolved to is all about, after all 😉

    It is, however, rather disappointing to discover that my favourite troll isn’t quite as hairy as I’d imagined. I suppose I’ll just have to learn to live with it.

  4. Gary,

    Thanks, Gary, you are a good sport…except that’s not your wit muscle flexing, it’s technically called the sphincter ani externus.


  5. Gary,

    You’re right; I am not that scary, I’m old, and I’m chapped! Have a good night….and a good Murning!


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  7. Lovely post. Please add my email address to your list and email me the updates if possible. I always like to read your blog and comment on it.

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