12 comments on “Are You a Dancing Queen?

  1. As a professional musician and writer, I enjoy all kinds of music including ABBA. Transforming it into a “theatre” production or movie is simply a nightmare. It seems to kill the elite and culturally rich feel that theatre should have IMHO. If I want to watch a movie, I’d like to see great acting rather than a lot of prancing around to good music.

    As much as I enjoy their music, I will definitely not be lining up to see either ‘production.’ I’m thinking Sweeney Todd is looking good though…

    Thanks for allowing my 2 cents!


  2. Baba: so you don’t dance to Abba out there in the jungle, then? 😉

    Angie: I must admit, I too have a very varied taste in music. I was very deliberately quite provocative with this piece — I like to stir things up a bit, sometimes 😉 — but whilst I’m definitely not all that partial to Abba, I probably don’t detest them quite as much as I made out 🙂 I think they have their place, but I wholeheartedly agree; that place is not in the theatre or cinema.

    Sweeney Todd? The Johnny Depp movie version, you mean?

    Thanks for sharing your two cents! Drop by any time.

  3. Just because we share the 4 letter-hood in our names, even though it’s not at exact spelling, that doesn’t mean I’m fond of the band — as simple as that. Yep, I don’t do ABBA dance, instead, I do mine! 😀
    ^the chim is now jumping, rolling, and clapping like crazy^

  4. Heh, it’s a (^ahem) technical bug thingy. See, as I’ve told you (several times I believe), I blog via cell phone using operamini 4.1 browser free edition which runs on javaME2 platform system instead of the more complex Java Virtual Machine integrally planted on PC’s like that one you’re now using, I consequently must deal with IP address locking issue since the opera software is being developed there — Oslo, Norway.

    Uhm … don’t get yourself fooled, mate. Even though I’m a rock-solid methapysical muser AND worshipper of meta-science, that doesn’t always mean I have THAT strong supernatural ability to mess around with ‘the worm hole’ theory. LOL.
    Stay sharp, mate!

  5. So, no, I won’t be going to see Mamma Mia! — the movie or the musical. Without wishing to overstate the point, I’d rather stick pins in my eyes while having matchsticks jammed under my toenails.

    And I’d rather shave my head with a rusty cheese grater while chewing aluminum foil.

    So, no – you are not alone.

  6. Baba: ah, I see. I thought it might have something to do with your blogging via cellphone. I’m not all that familiar with how cellphones use IP addresses, however, so couldn’t be sure. One learns something new every day!

    Still disappointing to hear that wormholes don’t figure in your explanation. That would have been an achievement worth blogging about! LOL

    Lottie: I’ve never had grated rusty cheese. What’s it like? 🙂

  7. Very much the same here, Archie. Rap just doesn’t do it for me — but then, I don’t suppose it’s meant to. I’m just too old and not black enough *sigh*

  8. Lottie: I’ve never had grated rusty cheese. What’s it like?

    Not too bad. Picking out all the hair shavings is the only real problem. 😛

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