6 comments on “Morgan Freeman Injured in a Car Accident.

  1. My best wishes to freeman! I think it’s that cursed movie… Christian Bale and Freeman…

    My neighbor won a case after hiring a Los Angeles accident lawyers firm. I suppose money can’t wash the ugly memories away but can bring some newer and happier ones. I think Freeman should file for damages…


  2. Given that he was driving the car and that no one else was involved, I’m not sure who he could file against — other than himself!

    I’ve removed your Los Angeles accident lawyers link, incidentally.

  3. Gary,

    the third party does not need to be a person involved in the crash. It’s normally what lead to the accident, incidently.

  4. Something of which I’m very much aware — but this early in the game it seems safe to assume, until proven that a third party was to blame, that it was driver error. Too early to litigate, in my opinion… but then, I’m not the one promoting a firm of lawyers, am I?

  5. And on a not so… ambulance-chasing note, it seems Mr. Freeman is going to be OK:

    He broke his shoulder, arm and elbow in the crash and had minor surgery on August 5, 2008. Doctors operated for four hours to repair nerve damage in his shoulder and arm. His publicist announced he is expected to make a full recovery. On August 7, 2008, Freeman was discharged from the hospital.

    Too bad for Ian and Associates, though. They were probably hoping for a malpractice suit.

    Sorry… couldn’t resist taking that shot.

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