18 comments on “Elvis, Marty Lacker… and Me.

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  4. To the person that wrote.
    Elvis marty lacker and me.
    The black list vol.1
    I could not help it I had to write to you.
    Because I have been listening to these guys that hung out with elvis for some time.
    And I have to say there were times elvis did go some place by him self.
    I can show you.
    Thes guys also tell different stories about the
    same subjic.
    And thes guys will even get mad if caught doing so.
    I know some things I can proove.
    But I will only talk about if ask.

  5. Thanks for your comment, Dee.

    I can only comment on how Marty was with me, and I have to say I found him fair and forthright. However, I would certainly be very interested in hearing what you have to say on this subject. I’m especially interested in the proof you refer to that Elvis did go some places by himself.

    I’m posting this in reply on my blog and also emailing it to you privately.

    Incidentally, could you also please explain the reference to the black list volume 1.

  6. I would like to know if Elvis ever went to Deer Lake which is Muhammad Ali training center in Pennsylvania , I heard rumors that Elvis and Ali walk down to the general store together is that true? And did Elvis ever meet and work out with karate with Bruce Lee and were they ever friends and talk with each other?

    • I’ve heard this too that Elvis went out by himself & sometimes nobody even looked his way. Marty is OK but has been proven wrong a few times. If Elvis was in London then where are the pictures ?

  7. Fascinating subject – Elvis- as above would love to get some more answers e g:-
    black list volume 1
    I’ll keep tuning in from New Zealand

  8. Something else too – I’m always interested when people say ‘oh I know so much and I could tell you this and that’ – well why don’t they? If you mention titbits – carrots dangling then share and be fair I say!!!

  9. Marty Lacker is an honest, and tireless Elvis advocate, man. If he says Elvis never went to London then…Elvis never went to London.
    There are many interviews where Elvis was asked about “going overseas” and Elvis lists the times he was out of the States (i.e. Paris, Canada, Germany, etc.) and he NEVER says “London”.
    For others to “question” about members of the Memphis Mafia having “different memories” about the same events who doesnt? A recent poll taken said that 28% of Americans don’t believe that the hijackers of 9/11 were Muslim! That was (sadly) eight years ago. Elvis, sadly, died 30+ years ago and it is possible that individuals recollections may differ BUT that does not mean that they are “wrong”. People remember events differently and if you don’t believe so then I WELCOME you to attend ANY Civil or Criminal Proceeding in the US Courts. You will have “sworn experts” differing over accounts that are ON VIDEO TAPE!
    The fundamental point is that IF Marty Lacker, and/or anyone else of the Memphis Mafia, have things they are working on that would monetarily benefit them…so what?
    I know this and that is that Elvis LOVED and trusted these men over a period of thirty years (some less of course).
    And Elvis was not a “9 – 5 Monday to Friday and two weeks off a year job”. Elvis was 24/7 and his nights were his days and vice versa. Man, I get stomach cramps when my “routine” is off by a few hours then add in traveling for TEN YEARS (approximately) over 150 days a year…WOW. And some people “question” different accounts…amazing.
    Lastly, Marty Lacker is an HONORABLE MAN and no amount of money could “buy” his silence OR his ignoring false statements. I applaud his efforts and at his age, and after what he has endured, he DESERVES to be respected/honored/acknowledged by EVERY Elvis Fan and that means that these “implied swipes” should end…once and for all.
    We should all be so lucky to have men of quality like Marty Lacker, and many of the men that were Elvis’ friends, for ONE DAY…let alone decades.
    I would put my “Elvis knowledge” up against anyones and facts are facts.
    I hope that this ends this “speculation” for life is too short.
    Take care and God bless.
    Jeff Schrembs

    • In my case, at least, Jeff, you’re preaching to the converted, my friend. I’ve found Marty to be a very genuine and forthright guy. Having discussed this at length with him, and also having spoken to Bill Kenwright (who broke the original Tommy Steele story), I’m firmly convinced that Elvis never visited London and that Marty was and is a decent guy.

      • Jeff Schrembs was badly injured during the record snowfall here in the DC area (one of his computers reflected his response on your postings and we decided to send it on his behalf). Jeff is, and has been for almost 50 years a Diehard Elvis Advocate (facts only) and a loyal supporter of the Memphis Mafia (and everyone associated with Elvis of quality/character).Thank you Gary from his family and everyone at ElvisCollectorWorldwide and for being a stand up guy/man.
        May this Holiday Season be one of joy and memories and may you exceed all of your personal/professional endeavors.

        • I was so sorry to hear the news of Jeff’s injury and sincerely hope that he recovers soon. My thoughts are with him, his family and you, his friends and associates. Please pass on my good wishes, if at all possible.

          Thank you, also, for your kind words and I wish for you during this holiday season and beyond all that you so generously wish for me.

          Keep in touch.

  10. Update on Jeff Schrembs as of May 2010. A few years ago Jeff was hit from behind while he was stopped waiting for the red light to change. The road he was stopped at had 55 MPH speed limits. The stoplight was a VERY short distance from a tall hill that would prohibit anyone coming over that hill to have problems not hitting the car in front of them if they were not fully prepared to SLOW DOWN. The person hit him from behind (other persons fault not Jeffs) and Jeff was taken to the best brain/spine hospital in the Washington DC area, Jeff had to have MAJOR surgery to his spine, neck, lover back, hips including titanium plates, screws, rods, etc.
    Jeff recently was helping an accident when we got over 3 1/2 feet of snow and jeffs arms/hands were badly injured.
    A few weeks later Jeff went to do follow ups and they took a battery of tests. About 3 weeks later we found out (sadly) that Jeff has an incurable disease called “primary immune deficiency disease”.
    Needless to say, Jeff is doing his best while knowing how this disease can destroy all of your internal organs, produce multiple tumors, and allow ANY/every cold to esclate to a “life threatening problem”.
    Over 95% of the time this disease is diagnosed with children ages 2-12. Sadly, Jeff was diagnosed too late and he is trying to keep positive knowing that he loves God unconditionally and prioritizes things.
    We intend to try to raise money to fight this disease AND to get more people to know about this disease.
    Our eBay Store and Internet Store have agreed to donate EVERY CENT earned, after listing fees/charges/shippinp/etc. to go to the National Organization through December 31, 2010.
    If there are any Elvis Presley Fans Worldwide please check out http://www.ElvisCollector.info, http://www.ElvisCollector.com.
    Thank you and God bless.

    • That’s very sad news. My deepest sympathy and the very best of luck with your campaign. Please extend my sympathy and thoughts to Jeff, his family and friends.

  11. Great post! If anybody has not seen the video All The Kings Men I recommend that you watch it! brilliant documentary and some interesting stories from Marty Lacker, Lamar Fyke etc.

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