8 comments on “Christopher Hitchens is Waterboarded.

  1. I think ole Hitch had already suffered a bit of Scotch-boarding prior to this stunt. Good thing he is not privy to national security secrets, the yanks would be through.

  2. Wow! This very disturbing. I kind of wish I had heeded the warning and not looked. But, you know, maybe it’s important to understand this kind of thing…

  3. I agree (that it’s sometimes healthy, not at you’re disturbed 😉 ).

    Seriously, I think it was very brave of Mr. Hitchens to do this. His response so briefly into the exercise indicates just how traumatic this kind of thing is.

    It’s hard to talk about. I guess that’s a good thing.

  4. Knowing a little about the technique prior to watching the video, I didn’t really expect him to last too long — but even I was surprised by how quickly and deeply it affected him. I could never have done it… clearly a terrifying experience. I too take my hat off to him.

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