5 comments on “Early Morning Rain — Elvis Presley.

  1. I have never heard this one done by Elvis.
    But I do love the song! I have it on CD being sung by Gordon Lightfoot. I always thought he wrote it.

  2. I just checked and Gordon did write it.

    Just imagine Gordon, a small town Canadian guy, getting a call from someone to ask if Elvis could use it. I bet he was flattered!

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  4. The galling part for him would possibly be having to hand over fifty percent of the writer’s royalties — which, I believe, was what Tom Parker demanded whenever Elvis sang someone else’s song. Dolly Parton famously refused to let Elvis sing I Will Always Love You because of this demand…

    … actually, it probably wouldn’t have been all the galling for him, when you think about it. Fifty percent of the royalties from an Elvis song would probably be huge compared to 100% of the royalties of a Gordon Lightfoot song!

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