6 comments on “I’m a Philosopher!

  1. Apparently, I’m an angel. Angels value moral principles like love, hope and respect. They will finally and reluctantly consider laws, rules and regulations (that’s definitely me). Angles try to do what’s right for others without having to be told.

    About 16% of adults are angels.

    One thing I thought found strange was that, under weaknesses, it said that I will break rules if I believe a higher principle is at stake. That’s me, for sure, but I don’t consider it a weakness. Not at all. Maybe that’s part of what makes me an angel. 😛

    Interesting quiz. And fun too!

  2. Angel, or the devil in disguise? 😀 I guess only Mike can answer that 😉

    I’d have to agree. Breaking the rules when there’s a higher principle at stake sounds more like a virtue, to me.

  3. You are an Enforcer.

    Enforcers are the people we
    rely on to make sure that
    everyone obeys the rules. They
    help to stop crooks and cheats,
    and of course ourselves from
    doing the wrong thing. They’ll
    look up rule 3, sub-section 7 to
    tell us what’s right. If the rules
    don’t tell us what’s right, then
    they’ll think of the principle or spirit behind it. Finally,
    they might remember that everyone is human and
    fallible and if you’re lucky, might let you off with a
    warning not to do it again. About 14% of adults are

    HAHAHA – is that me? I don’t think so.

  4. Ta for a fun Sunday afternoon distraction, Gary. I too am a philosopher. The description sounded pretty accurate to me…

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