11 comments on “We Have Lift Off.

  1. Good luck!!! (Apologies for the sheer number of exclamation marks, but they were necessary to illustrate my sincerity.)

  2. Thank you, everyone! If the support you guys have given me is anything to go by, I can’t fail! 🙂 Your good wishes, encouragement, comments and kind thoughts — not just at this time, but others, too, whilst the novel was being written — is and has been greatly appreciated. It really makes a difference so, once again, cheers!

  3. With your talent, you don’t need luck. But good luck anyway. You know, just for… luck. 😛

    Seriously, I’m very excited for you and have a very good feeling about this. Don’t think I’m going to forget about that autographed copy… 😉

  4. The state of the publishing industry today, Lottie, even Tolstoy, bless him, would have needed a huge dollop of luck! So I’ll take whatever you have going spare 😉

    I’m like an elephant, my dear. I never forget…. What was your name again? 😛

  5. Good luck!

    I myself am in the same boat. Just sent out query letters for my new script. Fingers crossed, eh?



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