5 comments on “Richard Matheson — Legend.

  1. In a magazine I get, I remember reading about the makings of I Am Legend. The screenplay was tossed about to at least three writers, If I recall correctly, and even then it was changed around.

    Books to screenplays are never great, there are a few good ones though (Silence of the Lambs), but I wouldn’t know about I Am Legend since I have yet to read it. But I do hear a lot of what you’ve said here.

  2. From what I’ve heard, the first film version, The Last Man on Earth, was the most faithful. But even that must have deviated. Matheson wrote the original screenplay but after the rewrites insisted that his name should not appear in the credits. He was credited under a pseudonym, instead.

  3. Woot! One of my top ones… That, and The Stars My Destination, are among my list of books to recommend to everyone.

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