11 comments on “You Can’t Say That.

  1. Excellent post, Gary! I’ve been thinking about “offensive” language quite a bit lately, and I absolutely agree with your take on it.

    It’s also a wonderful tribute to George Carlin, whose death has hit me harder than I would have expected, for some reason.

    Thank you for posting this.

  2. Your recent posts are partly the reason why I’ve been thinking about offensive language etc, Lottie. Very inspiring and thought-provoking.

    It was funny, but as I wrote this I found myself slipping into the odd George-like riff. I was dictating it and as I launched into the “You can’t say that, but you can say this“-bit, I swear my voice started to change! Suddenly I had this gritty, ass kicking accent that I never knew I was capable of! 🙂

  3. Interesting and insightful posts as always Gary (just catching up with your blog).

    Do you know about the twitter service? You might find that interesting.


  4. Good to hear from you, again, Andrew. I haven’t seen you in my feed reader for quite a while. I hope everything is all right with you.

    Yes, I’m actually on twitter — but I don’t use it. I haven’t really given it much of a looking at; I’m wary that it might end up being another distraction I don’t really need, you know?

    What’s your experience of it?

  5. Hi Gary,

    Sorry about no recent updates on my blog or comments on yours. Everything is well, thanks. 🙂 Few more grey hairs perhaps. lol

    Distraction..yes, Another good way to connect with people..yes. Seeing it being used for a mixture of business and personal reasons. Very interesting to see how it is being used.

    For myself I love different cultures, communicating with new people or people I already know, learning and giving feedback. Also considering using it for a community site as a medium to update members (and then place twitter updates on the site also).

    Perhaps it could be a way for new readers to find out about you and your blog. E.g. update twitter every time you write a new blog entry and another way to engage with readers of your blog and vice versa….or it could just end up being a big distraction!

    Best Regards


  6. Ah yes — I know all about grey hairs, Andrew! I find that those that don’t fall out altogether always insist on turning grey. 😉

    I tend to use MySpace and Facebook for keeping certain friends and readers up-to-date with my blogging, though, on the whole, I like to think my readers will use one of the other available methods on this site for keeping up-to-date — my mailing list, feed readers etc.

    Saying that, I do find it attractive… which is possibly the problem! You know what it’s like, I’m sure. My day seems to be a continual effort to avoid information overload! 🙂 I don’t mind sending information out on it, so much, it’s the stuff coming in that I worry about LOL.

    I might give it a proper go, though. The new novel is almost finished so I’ll have a little free time before I start planning and researching the next one. It would be a bit silly not to look into its “marketing potential” a bit more seriously, wouldn’t it?

  7. Hi Gary,

    Excellent that you use different services to keep friends and readers up to date.

    I’ve not used myspace at all for any reason. What are your thoughts on myspace?

    Information overload is a huge problem these days and how to manage it. If you do use twitter sometime look me up. Also will be very interested in your feedback on twitter being used for marketing.

    On another note… are you a Greg Bear fan? His new book is coming out July – August.

    Also congrats on your new novel almost being finished. 🙂

    Best Regards


  8. MySpace isn’t really my cup of tea, to be honest, Andrew — none of the social networking sites are. The main reason, with MySpace especially, that I keep up with them is that a small handful of my “friends” don’t seem inclined to use feed readers etc. I use it occasionally to send messages, but not often.

    Some Greg Bear novels, I love. Darwin’s Radio was a particular favourite, though Darwin’s Children was a bit of a letdown. I didn’t know he had a new one coming out, though, so thanks! I’ll run along to Amazon right away and take a look 🙂

    Talk to you later!

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