7 comments on “The Best Way To Blow Up a Car.

  1. Then you look at the automatically generated posts, Gary – now that is quite funny! LOL

  2. I always look at that “search terms” list and laugh…it honestly never occurred to me to look at it from the perspective of a searcher, and wondering if they are getting what they want from my blog.

    Sorry to give such a serious comment on such a lighthearted post, but you’ve really got me thinking!

    P.S. Then again, I am quite proud that my blog is apparently the “go to” place on the net lately for information about not only actor Tadanobu Asano, but King Henry VIII’s Royal Arsewiper (i.e. “Groom of the Stool”) as well!

  3. Ha ha that’s great. One of the weirdest ones I’ve gotten was Rucci Sucks…… don’t know what they were looking for lol. Usually I get a lot of searches for my name actually, so I guess that is good.

  4. Hi Gary,

    In my other blog, I had searches for ‘ways to drown’ and ‘how to drown someone’. All very spooky.

  5. Will: That first one is actually mine — the post that generated the hits in the first place. It’s about the inflatable car, if you remember. The one that you can drive off cliffs? 🙂 The second one took me to a gadget programme! Bizarre.

    jimsmuse: Don’t apologise. I’m always happy when I’ve managed to get someone thinking. In the world in which we live, that can be quite an achievement 😉

    Groom of the Stool! Please tell me that’s a real title 🙂

    Damian: No, it’s probably best that we don’t know what they were looking for LOL. Reminds me of a movie I once saw…

    I get a lot of searches on my name, too. I find it a little unnerving, at times, not knowing who they are.

    kallioppe: Nice! Let’s just hope it was a crime writer researching their next novel! (Now that I think about it, I’ve actually performed some pretty bizarre searches in the name of research myself.)

  6. It does a vaguely ring a bell, Carrie but, yes, I had a horrible history teacher way back and I never paid the slightest bit of attention! He never brought the subject alive for me and, today, it’s still not something I find myself drawn towards. British history in general — and the Royal Stool in particular! 😉

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