13 comments on “Destiny Calls… (Texts Cost £1. 50 Per Received Text.)

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  2. Ooh, this is SO my field. woo!

    If you go to http://www.badpsychics.com you can find a lot of information about Cillas psychic hotline.

    Infact Graham Norton and Dame Edna phoned this psychic hotline up on one episode of V. Graham Norton and the psychic was absolutely disgraceful.

    Cilla has been in a lot of trouble over false advertising etc. and This Morning on ITV (?) were told off by Ofcom for pushing the phonelines throughout one of their shows which is against tv legislation or something.

    I would predict (not that I’m psychic…) that the psychics at this hot line use cold reading – basically takes the Forer Effect to the extreme and people pay for the privelege.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the psychics didn’t have cards infront of them with sets of comments to choose from.

    Either that, or they really ARE delusional and believe they have magic powers.

  3. Firstly – Cilla Black is a nut-case!

    Then as you take that into account you can come to the conclusion that she believes other nut-cases! Now I am not one to play around with such stuff – scares me the bejeebus it does – but these dicks are fakes and as such should be scorned!

  4. Thanks for that, Hayley! Unfortunately, I missed the Graham Norton episode you mentioned. Bugger! I must admit I’m almost tempted to give them a ring myself. I’m sure the results would make a great blog post! 😉

    Well said, Will!

    Very true, Damian. And some people will do anything to get it.

  5. There’s nothing miraculous about it, it is, in fact, very simple — so simple that even I can do it.

    Now that’s what I call simple! Hehehehe…

    I’d be impressed with a psychic hotline that called me first. That’d lend some credence to the concept, IMO…

  6. Brilliant, Hayley, I’ll go and take a look right away! Thank you, me dear 😉

    Mike: Shut your face 🙂 I can see I’m going to have to have a word with the wife of yours; your behaviour is, quite simply, deplorable.

    Yeah, that would be pretty impressive. I ain’t holding my breath, though 😉

  7. Does it take the sting out when you think how I screwed up the blockquote tag? ‘Cause that’s pretty damned simple…

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  9. I do not agree as ive had these people in various times in my life when ive needed strength
    alone and at rock bottom. Never been cold read on any line and boy im too bright not to spot that! Profession lecturer!
    They ask me nothing only that im over 18 and have bill payeres permission also have sensed what is wrong for me. I come off better understood and find the cost same as visiting a psychic so if willing to pay and happy why shouldnt people have right to have free will to dial for help? Have you all been lonely and at rock bottom yet?

  10. Alison: there is a very good reason why people should not have the “right” to phone these charlatans. It’s the same reason why I don’t have, and would never wish to have, the right to be conned by someone who comes to my door selling snake oil. It isn’t about the victims “right”. It’s about whether it is right for people to sell a “product” that isn’t what it says it is, that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. You may not agree, that is your privilege, but the simple fact of the matter is that many vulnerable people (people who need strength, are alone and at rock bottom) are being duped out of money — in some cases, their life savings — by psychics, and I find that sickening on two counts: 1) these people very deliberately set out to mislead and lie to people, and take money for the privilege; 2) we allow it to happen.

    Have we all been lonely and at rock bottom? You know, that’s quite a silly and vaguely offensive question. But, since you ask it, yes. I have and many of my readers, I’m sure, also have. I didn’t turn to a psychic hotline. And I would never advise anyone else to do so. What would I advise?

    The Samaritans. They won’t deceive you and their services are far cheaper.

    (Incidentally, people like Derren Brown, the illusionist, can do everything that these frauds can. The difference is, he tells the truth and admits that there is nothing psychic about it. It’s a trick. Go to one of his mind reading shows, sometime, or just watch him on TV.)

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