9 comments on “Children of the Resolution.

  1. Congratulations. That’s wonderful! Keep plowing on. I’m interested in trying out voice recognition now.

  2. Thanks, Lottie! I’m looking forward to getting it finished and getting it out there, now. Can’t wait to see what the reaction will be. Positive, hopefully. Fingers crossed. Touch wood. Etc.

    If it’s accepted for publication, expect it in about a year’s time! 😉

    kallioppe: I’d seriously recommend the voice recognition software. But you’ve probably guessed that already, right? 😉 Once you get over the initial self-consciousness — it can feel a bit weird, talking to computer, when you first start doing it — it really is a good experience.

  3. Well done! And the voice recognition software sounds fascinating… although I’d probably have problems with it, having to edit out all my “ums” and “ers” and “oh, you know what I means”!

  4. It filters them out, David, mate — well, apart from the last one, maybe! The old versions used to look at individual words and tried to match them up with what it was “hearing”, but the new algorithms seem to focus on whole sentences. It doesn’t actually understand context, but it does a bloody good impression of it and, so, the “ums” and “ers” are generally overlooked. It also completely overlooks coughs and burps, which earlier products didn’t. 🙂

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