3 comments on “Deal or no Deal?

  1. I too watch Deal or no Deal. Or used to. When it first began, I totally agree with you in saying that it was so much better. The tension built each episode, and you pretty much knew the people by then, but in all honesty, once the quarter of a million went…BOOM. So did the show.

    Had a chuckle at your post however, all the sympathy stories, pretty much like Britains got Talent this year…jesus.


  2. LOL — glad you liked it, Will! I must admit, I did enjoy myself just a bit writing it 😉

    Yes, it’s exactly like Britain’s Got Talent, Tom. In fact, from what I’ve seen, it seems to be a fairly common trend. The X Factor, all of them, are doing it these days. The encouraging thing is, though, with Britain’s Got Talent it actually seemed to work against some of the contestants this year — especially the Filipino lass. When they projected the huge photograph of her children behind her as she was performing… well, it was just so cheap it would have been a travesty for her to get through to the final. And it seems that other people agreed as well and consequently didn’t vote for her.

    Thanks for commenting. Always good to see a new face! (Especially one that agrees with me! 😉 )

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