16 comments on “An Almost Midweek Roundup.

  1. If they don’t co-operate, we may have to send Lottie around to pay them a visit.

    Ooohhh… I’m on it! And once I pay someone a visit, I… never go away. Ask kallioppe. lol

  2. okie, nice update seems things are in order with the group. Congrats on making it by the way.

  3. Thanks, Damian. Don’t forget, if you have anything to add — suggestions etc — don’t hesitate in speaking up. It’s your group, too 😉

  4. I just had a thought.

    Something I’ve discovered recently is just how popular the word “thong” is as a search term.

    Apparently, “Ben Stein […] idiot” is quite popular too. Oh, and “dinosaur noises”. Maybe I should make a post describing Ben Stein as an idiot who makes dinosaur noises while wearing a thong. I could become famous.

    Sorry for the tangent. I have poor impulse control today. ::blush::

  5. Mentioning Ben Stein is a bit beneath me, I’m afraid. I’ll leave that to lesser mortals. He he. I’ll stick to thongs (figuratively speaking!), thank you very much. 😉

  6. Mentioning Ben Stein is a bit beneath me, I’m afraid.

    I felt the same way until I figured out that I could dress him in a thong.

    Wait… Maybe that’s not such a good idea after all. I might get more hits, but what about my dignity? And my appetite?!

    lol 😉

  7. Lottie, that has got to be the most disturbing visual I’ve read in a long time! You do realise that I’ll be having nightmares for weeks to come, now, don’t you?

    Mike — regarding the pretentious pseudo-intellectuals… when you say “not as many”, would you like to be a little more specific? 🙂

    I’ve been thinking of the monthly topic and was considering something that will be easy for us all, whatever level of experience, to participate in. A general introductory piece, perhaps. Something that tells as a little about the individual and their tastes? Favourite book/author and why?

    We could do with a virtual pub, actually, couldn’t we? Though I’m not sure quite how virtual alcohol would work…

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