20 comments on “At My Command.

  1. I’ve just discovered that it also does text to speech, as well, and have had a great time listening to my novel in a Stephen Hawking-style voice!

    The funny thing is, it pretty much retained the tone of the novel — in despite of the oddly mechanical voice, it still had that rhythm and structure that I’ve worked so hard to achieve. Whether that’s because the software is so good or because I’m such an incredible writer, I don’t know, but I’m happy to be persuaded that it’s the latter!

  2. You still sound like you. Congrats on finding a good tool to help you out. Good luck with it!

  3. My Yorkshire accent is never recognised on those bloody things, Gary.

    Nowt a’bhat Yorksha that shunt be ‘ard istheer?

  4. Yes, Joseph, I’m growing more and more impressed with it by the minute. Incredibly useful and speedy!

    Thanks, Damian. It’s always especially gratifying when you find something that does what it says on the box 😉

    My accent is pretty broad, too, Will. Plus I tend to mumble quite a bit. This used to cause problems in the past, but the improvements in speech recognition have eliminated most of them.

    Whereabouts in Yorkshire are you originally from, incidentally?

  5. I actually worked this morning, unable to wait until Monday morning, and then compared the chunk I’d dictated to some of the early sections of the novel — and there was, thankfully, no discernible difference!

    Even funnier? Is that possible? 🙂

  6. If you draw an X from Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield and Leeds you sit on top of where I was from.

    I am sure you will have heard of Cleckheckmonsedge. LOL

  7. Oh, yes, I was there just last week… lol. Okay, that’s a lie. Never heard of the place, mate — and it doesn’t even show up on Google Earth! Somewhere just west of Morley?

  8. I’m so glad you’ve found a new tool–I haven’t tried voice recognition in at least five years–maybe more–time does keep moving. Still wearing out the keyboard…

  9. It must be about three or four years since I last used it, Evanne. And it’s definitely come along in leaps and bounds. Using the old IBM Simply Speaking range of software, everything else on the computer used to grind to a virtual halt — and the recognition itself wasn’t that good (though it was, for me, quicker than typing, even with the corrections I had to make.) But this… it’s a different kettle of fish altogether! I would seriously recommend it.

  10. Cleckheckmonsedge is made up of, Cleckheaton, Heckmondwike and Liversedge. So yes, just west of Morley. LOL

  11. Well that explains why Google Earth didn’t have a bloody clue what I was on about! 🙂 Cleckheaton, Heckmondwike and Liversedge are all there!

    (Incidentally, my voice recognition software understood all three names no problem at all!)

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