6 comments on “Reading — an Interactive Medium.

  1. Non-readers […]

    And therein lies the problem. They’ll never understand as long as they remain non-readers.

    Non-readers… Weird… It’s difficult to fathom.

  2. I can understand some, to a point. My folks weren’t exactly brought up with books and whilst they do both read on occasion, it isn’t exactly a priority.

    What baffles me are those who are from an academic background who don’t read fiction. Admittedly, I’m more inclined to read non-fiction these days — but I could never abandon fiction entirely. Food for the soul (if there is a soul, which I doubt, but I’m sure you know what I mean, anyway 🙂 )

    Fiction fosters different ways of thinking. Good fiction, at least.

  3. I know what you mean. 😀

    I couldn’t do without fiction either. Right now I’m reading something Mike left behind last time he was here. It’s called Necroscope. It’s quite creepy, but I like it. lol

    My dad has never been much of a reader. He says he just can’t stay focused or interested. He’s one of those who would rather be “doing something”. Ah well… Different strokes and all that.

  4. Necroscope is good… I read the second but got a bit bogged down with the third and abandoned it. I still remember how the books “felt”, though — wonderfully atmospheric — and I know I’ll go back to them one day.

  5. Last time I was in England, I read through all of Mark Billingham’s crime novels. Buried was about to released but hadn’t hit the shelves before I left. I can’t find it here and don’t have a credit card to order it online. Too bad I don’t have a husband across the pond who could send it to me. Oh wait… ::whistles innocently:: 😛

    I sometimes grow attached to characters I’m reading and sort of miss them when I finish a book. Is that weird?

    I really liked Detective Inspector Tom Thorne. Shucks! Now I miss him again. lol

  6. I sometimes grow attached to characters I’m reading and sort of miss them when I finish a book. Is that weird?

    Not in the least bit weird. It happens to me, too… especially with characters I write! Christ, I carry those SOBs around in my head before, during and for a good while after.

    One day you’ll see me on a park bench, drooling and talking to myself 😉

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