11 comments on “Ideas (or Few and Far Between.)

  1. Well if you insist…

    *sticks out hand and wiggles his fingers in a peculiar manner*

    Mike can do the funny walk — he’s better qualified.

  2. In order to foster a sense of unity, I’d like to propose that, say, once a month, we all write a post on the same subject. The subject will be suggested by one of the members the month before (we’ll take turns.) Links to other members’ posts will be included at the end of each post.

    You may have already considered this, but it might be helpful to have a sort of home blog where the subject is announced each month. We can post a comment when we’ve completed our posts on the subject so the others can read and link to them. Not that I wouldn’t check the other blogs regularly, but if we have one in particular where we all check in, we can be sure not to miss anything.

    I don’t know… just a thought. If we go with it, though, I nominate yours since it was your idea. That is, of course, if you want the honor. 😉

    I’ll start working on my Idiosyncratica link category. 😀

  3. You will have to add me to that, Gary!

    I had my first recorded interview today on the BBC, mate! It should be coming up soon on the world service – I helped write their online James Bond novelette!

    Only two chapters but it was cool! If they put the interview online I will let you know so you can hear the podcast.

  4. Lottie: Excellent idea. I could set up another blog for this purpose, I suppose, but that might be a bit unnecessary. I can make the required announcements here easily enough.

    Consider yourself added, Will!… Interviewed by the Beeb! Wow, you flash git 🙂 I’m impressed.

    Where do we find this James Bond novelette?

    Mike: Shamon!

  5. The whole thing was read out on the BBC World Today program, Gary – if you look on there I believe that there is still a podcast of it.

    It did start on World Have Your Say – the BBC blog on wordpress – you can get to it through the link on my blog.

  6. Mike: Mate, stop grabbing your crotch like that — it’s disturbing 😉

    Will: I’ll take a look/have a listen right away!

    Archie: Well said that man. Walking, of any kind, is so twentieth century, IMHO. 😉

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