18 comments on “Lazy, Foggy Sunday.

  1. Hello Gary:

    The title of this post grabbed me so over I wandered.

    Since I live in an equally foggy place (the Pacific Northwest of the US) I can sympathize with you.

    It is JUNE, isn’t it? Last time I looked!? And I had to don a sweater and wool socks while having my morning coffee.

    I will be back to your blog.

    Great luck with your novel! My wife is also a writer.



  2. Resting and I most certainly do not go together like ram-a-lam a-lamma-lamma ding-dong […]

    Yet another thing we have in common.

    The blog-ring idea sounds cool. I’m in if you’ll have me. 😉

    Interesting article. Wonder if those things would make my son eat his vegetables? lol

  3. Hi David! Well, this is (sadly) quite typical weather for these parts… the British summer is highly unreliable.

    What does your wife write?

    Lottie: Consider yourself “in” 🙂 Re: the article — that could be an expensive solution!

    Rain: Ah, so that’s you, eh? I took a look but haven’t commented, yet. Shebeen is now on the list.

    Any ideas about the most effective way to do this?

  4. I know nothing about rings – other than the wedding type finger cuffs – but as an idiosyncratic reader of fiction and committer of bad poetry, I would like to be involved.

  5. I’m not sure about having you, Mike, mate, but you’re certainly welcome to join 🙂 I was counting on it, in fact.

    Idiosyncratic is the only qualification required, Archie. I guess I better figure out how this is going to work, then… 😉

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  7. Can’t find it, me old mucker — only this from you:

    This isn’t really the right place for it (it’s not something I wrote) but I thought it would be something you’d all be interested in: Leila Hussein has been murdered.

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  9. Hey Gary, I can finally view your blog, I don’t know what was wrong with my computer before. I’m just curious what kind of genre you have in mind for this writers ring. It sounds like a very interesting idea. I don’t have much fiction written, but I have a lot of stories churning in my head.

  10. Nice to see you made it, Joseph 🙂

    No particular genre, mate. All are welcome. It will mainly be writers writing about how they work, their experiences, their favourite books/influences etc.

    Interested in joining?

  11. No site, as yet, Joseph. I’m making all relevant announcements on this site, for now, and will take it from there.

    Will add you to the list right away. Welcome!

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