11 comments on “Target Reached.

  1. KSD — Yay, I finally got swtiched from a chica to a chico, and it didn’t hurt a bit 😉 Thanks, love. I’m pretty pleased with my little self. I haven’t worked this quickly and consistantly in years.

    Thanks, Gordon. It helps having guys like you around who are genuinely interested in and enthusiastic about what I’m doing. Cheers, mate.

  2. Congrats Gary. I’m new to your blog, but recently reached 90,000 myself. Almost done. Here’s to perseverance!

  3. Good feeling, isn’t it, kallioppe? I have about three chapters and an epilogue to go… four to six weeks work, I would expect.

    Glad you like my blog… snap 😉 I like yours, too, and have added you to my feedreader.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll talk to you more soon.

  4. Wow, 90,000 words thats incredible, congratulations! How many words are you aiming for?

    For the blog ring, I think that would be an excellent idea to have a place on the side bar with the various links of the members of it.

  5. Well, Damian, I’m usually happy with anything that falls within 90,000 to 170,000 — but this one should come in at around 120,000. Give or take a few thousand 😉

    I’m going to blog about the blog-ring over the next few days, get a few more people interested, and then we’ll take it from there, okay? Should be fun 🙂

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