8 comments on “Summertime (Yeah, Right!)

  1. Good grief no Big Brother :-0!!! Finally realised how bad it is eh Gary:))?

    I shall be avoiding getting a suntan:P mind you not too hard here. *Looks out of the window at the pouring rain*!!

    I shall also be avoiding Big Brother like the plague.

    Books well can’t think of any at the moment. However Torchwood and Eureka dvds will be out so hopefully I’ll be watching those!!

  2. I gave up on BB last year. It doesn’t have any value to me any more — the behaviour (which I once found fascinating) is far too manufactured, now.

    Torchwood and what? 🙂 Read a decent book, Lou! Torchwood is the work of Satan! :-p

  3. So far we’re looking forward to swimming. Lots and lots of swimming, according to my son. Of course, he swims and I sit in the shade with a cold drink and a book. Aaahhh… what a life! 😀

    I’m sure we’ll do other stuff. He’s just really looking forward to swimming right now and can’t think of anything else.

  4. Trying to stop buying more books although I DO have the Storm Constantine Wraethru Histories one to read. Think that’s about 700 or so pages long so I might get around to reading that. Eureka is a very fine strange sci fi programme think it’s on Sky at the moment. 😀 Torchwood not the work of satan:p a very fine programme:p Think we’ll have to agree to disagree on that:p

  5. No, Lou, I will not be satisfied until I have saved you from the evil that is Torchwood! 🙂 (Apparently John Barrowman has a birthmark on his right buttock in the shape of three sixes. Honest 😉 )

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