12 comments on “What Doesn’t Kill You…

  1. I know how you feel, but I’d keep sending ‘Realm…’ out there. I got about *this* close to getting representationn from Greene & Heaton for my first book, ‘Eleven’, and was gutted when it didn’t happen, but somebody picked it up eventually.

  2. Cheers, David.

    It’s actually been out a few times, to major agents (decent comments, but not “high concept” enough) and a few independent publishers… I’m just not sure who to try next. Certainly won’t rule anything out, though.

  3. Well, I don’t have that particular number but I think you might have mine..so give a girl a call..I bet I have a few words to say to cheer a friend up. Now..if you don’t howevever, could you please give the number to Kunati for I have I have few choice words..!!…

    Just keep putting yourslef out there…!!

  4. lol. Now, Stephie, the thought of setting you loose on Kunati is very tempting — but at least one of them is a really nice guy (he really liked it, but his opinion alone wasn’t enough.) Could you be selective in your telling them off? 🙂

  5. How long did it take Kunati to decide on your ms? They have had my full ms for close to three months – and had the partial for one before that.

  6. The people at Kunati do take a long time. I’ve just checked my records and it was four months to read the sample chapters and then five months to reach a final decision on the full MS. They are a good company, however. Slow, but from what I’ve heard, definitely a publisher to get in with if you can. Good luck!

  7. I feel your pain on the rejection after the hope balloon was aloft. It’s one step closer but I suspect there’s little comfort in that right now. Once you’re been picked up, and are selling like the flowers in May then they’ll want every word you’ve ever written.

    BTW The Kunati time frame is bloody speedy compared to the publishers I’m working with! A year on a partial being typical–six months to hear on a simple QLS.

  8. Thanks, Evanne — I’m not too disappointed, actually. Not today, anyway lol. If Children of the Resolution doesn’t make, though, I may have to kill someone 😉

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