7 comments on “Sleepwalking — The Plan for a Super Database.

  1. Cheers, Will! I’ll take another look (sure I must have read them already.)

    I find it all so frustrating. I hear security experts uttering the “sleepwalking” phrase and telling us these databases need better security, and it’s so obvious that they’re not really opposed in principle, they just want the bleeding job of making them secure.

    And government (I use the term advisedly!) seems so removed from public opinion on the issue, or so it seems to me, that I, a normally far from paranoid guy, start seeing truly nefarious schemes and conspiracies at ever turn! 🙂

  2. Not that I have any influence, Gary but I blogged about how I wanted everyone to NOT vote Labour after snagging that link off you.

    I hate to say this…

    Hope you don’t mind.

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