6 comments on “Richard Dawkins TVOntario.

  1. I like how Dawkins addresses the question about morality. Nailed it!

    And, you know… the hair troubles me a bit too.

  2. He did indeed nail it. It’s by far the best morality response I’ve heard — and so easy to remember!

    I think he’s going for the H. L. Mencken look with the hair. Doesn’t quite work. 🙂 Lower that parting a little, Richard!

  3. Only one problem with that, Miro — Dawkins would then, by definition, not believe in himself 🙂

    Know what you mean, though. A truly amazing guy.

  4. I really detest the throwing around of the word “delusion” as Mental illness manager.

    We have “delusions” and rituals every day, in daily life. on a smaller scale.

    so everything has delusions, if you want to remove the intrusive nature as part of the definition.

    Dawkins fails to nail down what faith does for people, most of the world. But then, I fail to also

  5. Yes, I can certainly understand that, Chris. It makes me a little uneasy, too. I do, however, feel that Dawkins has a point. Whether religious belief is delusional in the clinical sense, I’d argue that except in the case of extremists, it isn’t. As for the rest of them… yup, they’re quite possibly as delusional as you or I 🙂

    What faith does for people? A complex subject for another day, perhaps (I’ve just woken up lol.)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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