11 comments on “Let’s Pimp Again…

  1. What a coincidence! “badly written blogs that claim to speak with authority on subjects they quite clearly know nothing about” is my BRAND!

  2. I was going to include you in a later list, you’ll be pleased to know… but you get enough hits already, so I mightn’t bother now 😉

  3. I finally changed blogs to wordpress! Should of done it sooner.

    Unfortunately you need to update your rss feed for my blog.

  4. Aw thanks Gary! It’s nice to know someone appreciates my writing, especially after all the abuse I have been getting in my last few posts lol.

    Mind you, at least I know I’m making my point when people kick up so much *evil laugh*

  5. People never like to have their delusions challenged — especially when they’re making a good living out of it! All the more reason to keep right on rattling their cages 😉

    Carry on rattling!

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