8 comments on “A Little Light Bull?

  1. Barbara Walters was shagging a married black guy – so she says on her TV program, this just before her memoirs come out, you think she is pushing her book?

    They are all at it!

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  3. I read a book a few years ago by 4 of Elvis’ “mafia” and in it Lamar certainly came across as an independent intellect with his own separate knowledgable careeer in music who just looked out for Elvis and did not actually need to feed off him. Your comments (on why he contacted you) tie in well with that view of him. Also if you read certain online debates accusing Elvis of being a racist (put about by songs used on a “Spike Lee Joint” in the 80’s)you’ll understand Lamar’s ‘cutting the weed early’ attitude.

  4. I can’t really comment on Lamar, since it was Marty Lacker who contacted me and with whom I corresponded (or are you actually referring to Lacker? Your description sounds very much like him.) I do think you are quite correct, however. I’m very much convinced that Marty’s and probably Lamar’s motives were genuinely concerned with preserving an accurate record of what Elvis did and didn’t do.

    Thanks for commenting. It’s always helpful to hear the views of others — especially when they are clearly so well informed.

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