8 comments on “Whoosh!

  1. Oh, that reminds me! Didn’t you email me some of TRoTHG? I seem to have lost it. Dinosaur noises ensue. Have you a single MS in pdf you can wing over to me?

    I think your next project should be a murder mystery. Because, well, I think there should be more good ones. Like a proper pulp novel. Chandler, sort of thing.

  2. Ah, the whole MS as a single pdf? Afraid not… it could be arranged, if you really, really really don’t want it any other way — but it might take me a year or two to get round to it 🙂

    I wrote a crime thriller a few years back (The Broken Bones of When). Got me an agent with it and they proceeded to edit it to death. Four rewrites later and a rusal to submit, I sacked ’em.

    I would like to do a literary murder mystery, I must admit. It might be fun to take the genre and… well, play with it. I shall think about it, mate.

  3. Actually, no — I was thinking more of a literary novel with a murder mystery at its heart, if you see what I mean. Something multi-layered, like Hungry Ghosts, and with a strong thematic content.

  4. Glad you’re happy with the work mate. I would love to read this and I wish you the best of luck with it.

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