8 comments on “Death in the Gallery.

  1. Not sure how I feel about this. Is it art in any traditional sense? Mmm… well, maybe (in fact, probably) not. Will it prompt debate? Definitely. Will it be the “right” sort of debate? Possibly not.
    It’s conceptual, so there’s no real “craft” to it as such, but it will provoke an emotional response in those who go to see it, which at least ticks one of art’s many boxes. I’ll be scratching my chin over this a while longer, methinks!

  2. I read the article linked above, and for a change I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it.

    I do think that our culture spends a lot of time avoiding talking or thinking about death, even though it does happen to everyone. Perhaps if we were more familiar with natural death and willing to accept it as a part of life, it wouldn’t always come as such a shock when it happens.

    I assume that this is the point of the contemplated “artwork” in question, but like you, I’m a bit squeamish about the idea of death being “art” or “entertainment”.

    Hm. This is definitely one to ponder.

  3. It is a chin-scratching one, David… I guess the motive worries me, why the guy is really doing it. It’s hard not to see it as an attempt to shock — which I don’t object to, as long as it’s not merely a cynical way for the artist to promote himself.

    I think we all could do with reminders of our own mortality. It’s oddly life-affirming. So, yes, jimsmuse, there could be benefits… I’m still pondering.

    Will: Maybe we could do a collaboration. Dying deer as art? 😉

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