8 comments on “Doe a Deer.

  1. Come here, Gary – you see herds of them, and yes, they are road kill!

    You also get black bears, Moose and one hell of a lot of eagles. 🙂

    Not so good is the skunk!

  2. Funny. Right after we moved into our house they put up a “slow children at play” sign right next to our house. I wonder what prompted this??? I haven’t seen any slow children 😀

  3. Will: I’m on my way! 😉 So where in Canada are you?

    Selena: lol… I now have this wierd image of kids cycling, playing ball and running in slow-mo. Thanks 🙂

  4. My family moved into an area “full” of deer when I was a teen. We had been living there about 1 year & I had yet to see one. My first experience with one was when one broke the door to my neighbor’s house & set off the burglar alarm. Unfortunately for me, I was reading a horror book where something glass broke at that exact moment. About six months after that, I saw my first one.

    Gary, in regards to your comment to Selena, my husband expects the same thing (even though he knows what it means). It amuses him to no end. When he was a child he had one of those signs on his road & his father used to cover up the children part with the name of their neighbor all the time, as a practical joke.

  5. Great deer story, Gloria. Thanks for sharing it. I love it when nature conspires to give the written word a little added impact 🙂

    Also, I must say, your husband and his father sound like my kind of people. My sense of humour is… well, an acquired taste lol.

  6. Gary, I have a similar tale to tell you from here in the South of England. I live almost in the centre of town, and a few weeks ago a neighbour who was out walking her dog saw two young Muntjack deer crossing the road in front of her. There is a small park on one side of the road and a large area of wasteland on the other. The woman was in a state of shock when she told me she had seen two deer in front of her as she walked home.

  7. Great story, Gordon. Funny how surprised we can be when we “cross paths” with nature, isn’t it? Shows how “seperate” from it we often view ourselves, I suppose. Sad, really.

    And lots of snow, Will? Do I pack my thermals? 🙂

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