6 comments on “Saturday Night is Party Night.

  1. *Lol* Not been watching it:)) Yup I know not watching JB!! terrible!! Well there’s been ‘Torchwood’ instead the finale of which has been delayed because of the sodding Apprentice. Yup the search for Alan Sugar’s latest wage slave instead of one of their flagship programmes that they’ve invested thousands in.

  2. I knew mentioning Graham Norton on MS would get you over here 🙂 Especially when JB was involved.

    I’ve never been able to get into Torchwood. I’ve got The Apprentice on harddrive, though lol

  3. Is it me or does anyone else find it a little odd that these women are brought on stage to sing pop-culture songs which, in my eyes (or, indeed, ears), have nothing whatsoever in common with songs written for the theater?

  4. Definitely not just you, Katherine. Makes it incredibly difficult to judge just how fit for the role some of them actually are (though my money’s on Jodie at the minute… or another one who’s name I can’t recall… the London girl.) Still enjoyable, through, in a welcome brain-in-neutral kinda way 😉

  5. Hope you enjoyed the rest. A talented writer friend of mine (He’s had work commissioned by the Beeb) has asked me to co-write a sitcom with him. I’m chuffed and flattered but it’s going to be a challenge. Will let you know how things develop and may come seeking advice.

  6. That’s bloody great news, John! Over the moon for you.

    I’ll certainly do whatever I can to offer advice if need be, mate, but it may be pretty redundant now you’re working with a pro. 🙂 But don’t let that stop you asking — and don’t worry, you’re definitely up to the challenge. Trust me, I’m a writer 😉

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