9 comments on “Keep the Writer Out of the Writing?

  1. Gary, you must go with your gut reaction. You have the talent to write in such a way that the reader is captured by your words, so, when putting pen to paper, you should visualise yourself as an actor standing centre stage…..naked…speak to us!!

  2. lol… Well, erm, I’ll give that a go, Gordon — though I think I’ll leave my shorts on, if that’s okay with you 😉

    And thank you. Your kind words are always encouraging.

  3. This as always was a great blog. As you can imagine Gary in my job I do nothing but write in the first person. When a new bit works whether it be confessional, biographical or political I always get a great feeling of catharsis. So go for it mate. As far as I’m aware the world has a need for this style of writing.

  4. I’d never thought about that aspect of standup, John, mate. Well, I had — but it hadn’t occurred to me how very similar it is to the way in which I like to work. I even read my work out loud at times, to get the flow of words just right.

    I’ll keep doing it “my way”, then 😉

    Thanks for that. You’ve helped.

  5. I think in some cases the Authors voice adds dimensions to the understanding of the text. Like a voiceover in a movie it helps you see the action with more clarity you would have missed had it not been placed just so.

  6. I like to feel I’m sitting around campfire, the author telling me the story but also being the story. The author… no, the author-as-narrator interests me as much as the story, in a way. I want his/her opinion, I want to know he/she is affected by the tale being told.

  7. It seems to me that every fiction writer has an agenda or they’d be a journalist (and many of those really should be fiction writers ;-). It doesn’t take first-person to get heavy-handed with your agenda. Just look at Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. All the scenes and one-dimensional characters are contrived to allow Roark to preach Rand’s rabid individualism. I would have enjoyed it more as a pamphlet.

  8. Thankfully, I’ve managed to avoid The Fountainhead so far. 🙂

    I suppose there are ways of allowing the writer into the work; some right, others wrong. Mine’s the right way, of course 😉

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