7 comments on “A Bionic, Work-Free Zone.

  1. It’s strange how, to a writer, five days is a lifetime. I am currently suffering from a major creative block, and haven’t picked up my pen to work on my novel in over 2 weeks! It’s killing me, believe me, but it’s better to get yourself 100% fit and healthy (and in my case enthusiastic) before working on it.
    I see you’re from the North East. Where abouts are you located? I’m in good ole’ Leeds 🙂

  2. Yes, it is strange, Katherine. Understandable, though, I suppose. It’s a very intense business and, frankly, I miss it. You know how that feels, right? The buzz of seeing it all take shape. The sense of purpose. Those wonderful moments when we understand something we never would have had we not written it down.

    But, yes. It’s no good pushing it. I’m sure we both know where that ends 🙂

    Ah, Leeds. I remember it well from my days at Yorkshire Television (I was a child star… ha ha.) I’m from what I recently heard referred to on TV as “sunny Middlesbrough”. There must be two Middlesbroughs, I guess 😉

  3. Glad to hear you are better, Gary. I (voluntarily) took a day off from writing yesterday because I’m not really writing. Over half a month of novel edits… *shudder*

    For the four days before that I had been frying my brain on novel edits. I’ve been losing my personality & ability to think afterwards due to longer term exposure. I think I found a new form of torture in the process.

    As for Bionic woman, I saw it when it first came out. Watched about two or three episodes, but it didn’t grip me. It gripped one of my friends & if it is canceled he’ll be upset (& I don’t want to hear him whine personal), so I hope it sticks around.

  4. Hi Gloria,

    Gotta love those edits 🙂 Not my favourite job in the world, I must admit. I’m far better at it than I once was, but it still goes very much against the grain.

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