5 comments on “Earthquake 5.3.

  1. Oh wow. Haven’t had any of those in a while *knock on wood*… and I live in California! And they’re rampant here!!!

    Anyways, thanks for the comment. Yes, I intend to keep something like a log, but I’m also using this site to post some of my writing. I put one of my short stories up there already! I’m really excited! I don’t usually post my work online…

  2. Thanks, Bekki! 🙂

    Jilian: This was my first ever earthquake. Pretty rare here in the UK. It was rather more unnerving than I made out, though 😉

    I tend to think it’s a good idea to blog a lttle about how you work etc., too, to be honest. People seem more inclined to read written work if they feel they know you a little, if you see what I mean. Or that’s my experience, at least.

  3. It was your first ever earthquake? Wow. That must have been weird for you. But after a while you get used to it. Ah, you live in the UK? How cool! Do you mind if I ask what country?

    I completely agree. Of course, I choose not to give all my information out, but I really like to write almost like I’m talking. [sometimes I don’t do that at all and it’s just good vocabulary and pronouns for kicks.]

    But it’s kind of nice, almost to sit there and read like someone’s saying it to you. :] Don’tcha think?

  4. I live in England, Jilian — the north-east.

    Yes, a conversational tone works really well on blogs — I think it pulls readers in and makes them more likely to participate. Something I feel is vital for a blog to be successful.

    So where in California are you?

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