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  3. The one problem I have with people is that they assume that a person with disabilites somehow stops being a real person, suddenly they are this benign person who must be smiled at no matter what. They smile and treat the disabled respectfully only because of the disability but never really see or speak to them the way they deserve to be. I have seen it in stores. People smile that fake smile and act all proud that they acknowledged someone, dorks. I figure if your interested in someone enough to smile at them make damned sure you mean the smile and don’t act proud for saying hello like you have a quota. Sorry..I will put my soapbox down now.

  4. I think you are 100% correct, Nectarfizz. I’ve seen it, too. I think it is an extension of a completely misguided impression that people with disabilities are somehow faultless or “benign” and that it just isn’t right that you should be seen to be anything other than nice to them. Frankly, I love being smiled at — but if it’s fake, you can stuff it.

    Also, tolerance of rudeness is another big one for me. Some disabled people are rude (yup, even me, on occasion… hard to believe, I know 😉 )and when they are they deserve to be called on it. Most people see beyond the “disability” very easily, but some… well, there’s a way to go.

    A lot better than it once was, though.

  5. If I may ask, feel free not answer if you wish, what is your particular disability? I have dyslexia and hypoglycemia. I personally think everyone has some kind of disability or other, and if someone doesn’t, the fact that they have no concept of what it’s like to have one probably fits the bill nicely.

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