17 comments on “The Mind of a Child.

  1. I have a very creative eight year old dragon slayer for a boy. Do you have an excerpt you can post?

  2. Actually, I’ve been considering posting the prologue and Chapter One, Selena — as mentioned here. But I’m not sure if I’m quite ready, yet. I work well with criticism — need it, in fact — but it may be too early, yet. Opinions at this stage might confuse my idea of what it needs to be.

    That make sense?

  3. I don’t think I would get along too well with Mrs. Attenborough, something isn’t right about that woman. Large knees are probabaly her best asset. Is this story going to break my heart?

    My little guy is homeschooled for various reasons, but the biggest one is because his momma is too attatched, I hope I don’t screw him up because of it. I just don’t think anyone is going to care for and love my child like me. And he had 2 1/2 hours of homework to do after he was just in school for 7 hours! And I am thinking, “what are these teachers doing all day?!?!?!” But anway, that’s a whole different topic really.

    I like what I’ve read so far. I am interested in seeing some more. 🙂

  4. lol. Yes, I know what you mean about Mrs. Attenborough. Fortunately, she doesn’t feature anymore. A bit player in my Grand Scheme 😉

    There are some very sad scenes ahead, yes, lots of laughs, too. If you want a rough idea of the planned story development, my chapter outlines are here.

    There’s a lot to be said for home-schooling, Selena, and I wouldn’t mind betting that he gets plenty of chances to build his social skills with church activities etc, right?… The homework aspect is ridiculous. I’ve often thought that. It’s the same with my cousin’s little boys. Homework before secondary/high school is a big no-no, IMHO.

    Glad you like it. I might put up more soon. Still not sure. You’ll be the first to know 😉

  5. “Selena, and I wouldn’t mind betting that he gets plenty of chances to build his social skills with church activities etc, right.”

    I hate church activities, seriously. The church we go to is very unchurch-like!I believe in God, but hate religion believe it or not. I stopped going to the “homschoolers support network” because the kids looked like little characters from SK Children Of The Corn, great story BTW. Levi is very social and enjoys martial arts and he does get to socialize, he has the gift of gab.

    “Mrs. Attenborough. Fortunately, she doesn’t feature anymore.” Hmmm. Good cause I don’t like that woman!

    I’ll be reading the rest of what you have.

  6. Children of the Corn… *chuckles* That bad, huh?

    Yup, I can believe you hate religion. You strike me as very independently minded. You’ll draw your own conclusions, thank you very much — right? 😉

    “Gift of the gab.” Bet he gets that off his Mom 🙂

  7. I never stop being chidish..heh in the have fun spinning in place, love the world, it’s all amazing sort of way.

  8. “Gift of the gab.” Bet he gets that off his Mom”

    I have no idea what you are talking about! 😀

    Nectarfizz, that’s a cute screen name 😀

  9. Yeah, me and my massive 90 pound self, I am showing these bad boys off! Guns and all!!

    *still flexing*

  10. lol… all comments are moderated, m’dear, not just yours. Just a precaution. I’ve had “problem comments” on other blogs in the past, and since I don’t monitor 24/7, this is the best solution.

    Plus I’m a control-freak 😉

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