11 comments on “Shame on You, Hitch.

  1. Just read it… that does indeed sound like a pretty stupid article. What an idiot. Sometimes.

  2. He didn’t really try very hard, did he? That’s all old stuff, and Bill Bryson was much funnier and more endearing about it than he is.

    I can think of another eccentricity, too – tolerating the likes of Hitchens. I have to go on record as finding him extremely tedious. Sort of a sub-par Mencken, without the charm…

  3. I must admit, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to tolerate him. You know already how I vacillate on this subject — but, having finally got round to reading Mencken, I’m beginning to feel more and more that Old Hitch is a wee bit of a fake. I do still enjoy him, but I now believe for all the wrong reasons 😉

  4. It’s certainly heading that way… Maybe a little unfair, though. I do still think there’s a place for him (i.e. in the U.S. 😉 ), but his arguments against so many issues, religion especially, seem to be increasingly based on personal prejudice rather than, say, Dawkins’ far more REASONable and effective science-based stance. I think it’s highly possible that he will give some a degree of courage they otherwise might not have had — to speak up more vehemently about their lack of belief, but beyond that there’s a danger of him becoming little more than a freakshow attraction.

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