2 comments on “New Year, New Look.

  1. I think this look works better – the old one had a tendency towards slow scrolling. That might be my choice of browser, though – I use Opera, and find it far superior to Exploder.

    The new look also seems superior aesthetically, even taking into account the inherent subjectivity thereof – it’s less gloomy. Less emo :p

  2. And it only cost me £7.77 p.a. to unlock the CSS so that I could customise it. Worth it, though. (Incidentally, the guys in the forum told me I wouldn’t be able to “turn on” the comments indicator etc at the end of each post, because it wasn’t controlled by the CSS. Fortunately, I took no notice and dropped by a short while later to tell them they were… mistaken 😉 I love out techie-ing the techies!)

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