8 comments on “Post-Christmas Post.

  1. New Year’s Eve, which I’m even less inclined to celebrate than Christmas.

    Huh. I didn’t do xmas; I find it tedious and rather irritating generally. Part of that may have to do with the constrained and controlled way my mother* used to run it, but the largets part arises for me because I know that it is at heart a religious festival, pagan parts notwithstanding.

    New Year’s, OTOH, always seemed to me like a nice way for us Atheists to have a midwinter holiday: it can be symbolically relevant rather than simply an arbitrary holiday.

    Takes all sorts to make a world.

  2. To finish on a lighter note — Christmas TV. To the Manor Born, anyone? If this is the best the BBC can do, then I give up, I truly do. Badly written, badly acted nonsense with forced relevance and not even a whiff of nostalgia to save it. A good reason to cancel Christmas next year, in my opinion. Utter rubbish.

    And this, too! It was shite the first time around. Why would they resurrect it? Unless, of course, it’s a particularly deep snark comment on Christianity and how resurrection as an idea is all bollocks.

    Sorry. I’ve had about six cups of coffee so far today.

  3. I actually think my next Christmas will be even less Christmassy than this one was (the three decorations we put up are already down, incidentally 🙂 ) It seemed a little ridiculous, actually. Even my folks couldn’t really be arsed with it all.

    To the Manor Born was oddly fascinating. Like watching Evel Knievel’s Wembley crash in slo-mo. The most redundent piece of TV I’ve seen in a while. Catherine Tate sucked, too. Same jokes, only cruder.

    The Old Curiosity Shop wasn’t bad. Dickens was a bit of a shit, though, letting Little Nell die. Breaks my bloody heart every time…

  4. I didn’t watch it, but I assume it was a complete train wreck.

    Aaargh! Don’t get me started on Charles bloody bastard Dickens! Turgid splodge hackery! Ahem. Sorry.

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