18 comments on “Uncool Authors What I Like (Part One of a Possible Few.)

  1. I won’t claim to be as good as Keillor, ’cause I ain’t, but you might enjoy my stories from the bluegrass road.
    Visit the first physician bluegrass fiction writer’s weblog-


  2. the eternally glum Martin Amis.

    Not only that, but terminally self-obsessed.

    Honestly. You see that kind of innate talent just wasted on self-referential wittering, and you wonder what the hell is wrong with the world.

  3. Quite right, Mike. Plus, he’s one of the few writers that seems deliberately intent on making the reader (me!) feel inferior.

    I recall an Indian (I think) writer with a disability commenting about ten years back that when he met him, Amis had been rather patronising. Came as no real surprise, I’m sure.

  4. Oh, he’s a clever man, no doubt about it. But then, clever men can be really up their own arses at times.

    Heh. This may be a tumbleweed moment.

  5. Oooo. I *love* GK. I got to go to a taping of A Prairie Home Companion in MInneapolis last year, and it was brilliant. (The big hee-hawing laugh in the middle of Guy Noir was me. 😀 For those who ask what it is to grow up in the Midwest of the US I refer them to Garrison, what with The Chatterbox Cafe, all the Hot Dish at the local Lutheran Ladies Luncheon, etc, etc…So, believe me it exists. Not in Chicago obviously, but in the small backwater Mississippi River towns of Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota,abso-effing-lutely! The county fair is alive and well, replete with huge produce, livestock shows and tractor pulls. The local cafe with gossiping farmers, and old women. Churches and bars fighting an ongoing battle to be the most numerous establishments in town. (And attracting most of the same people at the weekends!)
    Ah, how I don’t miss it.

  6. Becky! I knew it. I thought to myself, I bet Beck likes GK. And lo and behold… a woman of taste. 😉

    “Abso-effing-lutely”?! That’s sooo British. You’re learning, pet 🙂

  7. Robert Fulghum as well-ever read any of him? Uncool and brilliant. He originally got popular with the essay “All I Ever Needed To Know I Learned in Kindergarten”. He’s very prolific though, and I’d recommend starting off with his second book “It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It!”
    Read lots of him at http://www.obertfulghum.com

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